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Autorretrato com capa dourada - Self portrait in golden cape

Odd Nerdrum

Óleo sobre tela | (1996)

Astrup Fearnley Museet | Oslo - Noruega

Dimensões da obra: 166,8 x 143 cm



Segue e.mail enviado pelo Nerdrum Museum em 19 de outubro de 2013 como resposta a uma pergunta feita por Ricardo Coelho em 18 de outubro de 2013:

Dear Mr. Coelho,


History about the painting:

It was christmas 1996 - all the pupils had left me, so I was alone with my wife and her relatives in our mansion behind the Norwegian castle.
I had plans for this picture for a long time, so in New York in the jewish fabricstore, I bought five meters with metall fabric. It was made of alot of copper threads. Later on it was sued together of a norwegian tailor after my design.


I wore this with honour infront of the mirror alone. Everything was made from nature, with my own eyes, and nothing was fixed. True nature. It was finished the thrirtyfirst of december, then it was varnishing day, and showed to my family that evening. It was later showed in the spring time in Stockholm in Sweden in "Art fair", and it was a big scandal, so the norwegian newspaper was full of this picture all over. So when I exhibited it a week later in Oslo, everyone had already seen it in the papers, so there wasn't much attentin anymore. It was then showed on the Art fair in Chicago in may, but the Americans was not happy for it, so they killed it with silence. It was bought by the Astrup Fearnely museum in 2000, and is now on show. It has been on several exhibitions, but I don't remember all of them. 


My idea with the picture, was that I believed that perhaps the Greek painter 400 BC. Polignot could have painted such a picture. It is one of the lost pictures of the Greeks.


Med vennlig hilsen,

best regards, 


the Nerdrum Museum


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